Founded in 2012, Smooth Waters Entertainment specializes in Crocodilian Behavior, Training & program development to promote conservation and public education. Later in 2016 SWE established Smooth Waters Wildlife Park which focuses on the companies conservation goals and is home to a collection of endangered and critically endangered species.  


Our Mission

Through ongoing training & educational program development, and the sharing of our collective wealth of knowledge and technologies; create a force to motivate, engage, and inspire current and future generations of scientists, zookeepers, conservationists, and animal lovers that ignites the full potential of their own passions. Save the world basically, we could've just led with that. Fighting to save worlds, one planet at a time!    

Failure is achieved by not trying; our limitations are only limited by our own egos and fears getting in the way of pushing ourselves to be the best we can be at something.
— Nathan Sweeting

What We're Working Toward

  • Developing Institutional/Vocational curriculums. TBA later 2017
  • Launch of a Conservation Fundraising Initiative TBA later 2017
  • Siamese Crocodile Conservation program participation.
  •  Active, research & technology project contributions to benefit field research & conservation teams.
  • Youth (Junior Keeper) program development.
  • Community program development.
  • Private & Group Tours. (More Info)