You can make a difference and look cool doing it with Smooth Waters Apparel, or by directly contributing to the Park to help the animals and our Park overall, your choice can make a lot of difference in great ways!



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Visit our online Gift Shop for the latest in Smooth Waters apparel & merchandise! From men's, women's and children's shirts and other gear; to other gifts and souvenirs, there's something for everyone! Most of the revenue goes right back into the Park for the care and feeding of the animals that call us home! thank you for shopping!

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We currently lease this property and unfortunately the Bank is foreclosing on our current landlord which puts us in a very bad position. Despite our attempts and offers, the bank has openly expressed (during our negotiations) thus far their complete indifference toward the Animals and toward the community value of our Park. We are desperately doing everything we can to purchase the property from they bank before they can sell it out from under us and bring this Sanctuary and Crocodile Park to it’s end, but we need your help, NOW!

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